Certification in Sports Data & Digital Protection (SDDP)

The certificate allows individuals working in sporting organizations to demonstrate they have requisite knowledge and ethical understanding to work with sports data, sports digital and sports information and recognize the importance of privacy, intellectual property and protection of all stakeholders in sports. Our certification intends to provide individuals and employees with an understanding of personal data and information, the background and principles of data protection, the consequences of not adhering to applicable laws and regulations, and employees’ responsibilities with respect to data protection.

Two Levels

Introduction to Sports Data Protection (under 5 years experience)
Managers of Sports Data (Ownership, Process & Privacy)

Key Learning Outcomes

Core Principles

Best Practice


Privacy Toolkits

Scenario and Situational Training

Audit Checklist – Data in Sports

Digital and Data Risks

Identify and report breaches

Awareness Campaigns

Significantly Reduce Risks

Reputational Risks

Privacy Data & GDPR

Ethics & Integrity

Lack Compliance Skills

Lack Training

Lack Internal Processes

Reduce Cybersecurity Threats

Protect Commercial Partners

How It Works

Available Online

Certifications training and exams are completed by individuals online — 365 days a year. Register online and get started immediately.

Classroom Training

We can customize corporate training and physical private exam modules in your workplace. Maximum of 20 people per session. Typically for teams, leagues, national sports bodies and experienced executives.

Allow 4-Hours

Each certification takes 4-hours (1/2 business day) to complete the full online certification.  Within this, there will be a 60-minute online exam (case study and multiple choice questions). 

Learning Materials

You will be provided with all pre-reading materials prior to the online certification training and exam.


USD $300 Fee.  Includes Physical Certificate of Compliance.  Your compliance certificate will be valid for 3 years.

No Work Experience

There are no prior work experience requirements to undertake an SDA certification.