Sports Data Protection (SDP) accreditation program helps protect athletes, fans, venues and global sports organizations.

The modern sports organization is increasingly focused on the importance of digital, data, social media and technology. They present significant new opportunities, innovation and risks to the sports environment. The worldwide sports industry needs the highest of standards of skills, safeguards and professionalism to ensure integrity and performance with data and digital.

Our Vision

To lead the Sports Data profession globally by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of athletes, fans, venues, broadcasters, all sports organizations and society.

Our Mission

Every department involved with Sports has an certified sports data practitioner who can help manage digital assets effectively.

Sports Data Protection Certification - Entry Level and Managers

SDA administers official exams for Sports Data Protection compliance, each with diverse technical complexity and sophistication. Each level of certification course involves a 3-hour intensive online training program followed by a 1-hour online examination (case studies and multiple-choice). There is no industry work experience pre-requisite for Sports Data exams. For individuals, SDP certification is an invaluable asset to your career in sports as it increases employment prospects and helps you do your job more effectively. This is true for any job function.


Introduction to Sports Data Protection

(Typically 0-5 Years experience)


Managers of Sports Data 

(Typically 5-30 Years experience)


The Sports Data Academy is a governing body designed to administer the Sports Data Protection Certification. It was established by global leaders in the Sports industry to ensure education, transparency and commitment to improving the industry. Together, we recognized the qualifications skills shortage, reputation and economic risks to sports and the need for a universal, credible and sports practitioner-led certification to help candidates achieve your goals and work with sports data more effectively. We collaborate with global experts and thought leaders in the field who are committed to promoting best practices, reducing risk and improving skills standardization across sports, media and entertainment. We celebrate and recognize the importance of sports data and sports digital in driving the world of sports.