Level 2 is for Managers of Sports organization responsible for the control and protection of Sports Data, Sports Digital and Social Media.  This is a 4-hour online training course and examination (total).

Importance of Senior Leadership

There is a growing importance to protect the wide-variety of data sources in Sports.  Clubs and sports’ organisations hold a mass of data on individuals – be that information about players, fans, employees, membership data or marketing datasets. Increasingly, such data is collected through mobile apps and websites, often run by third parties, upping the number of data flows and, consequently, the level of care that needs to be applied by organisations and their business partners to protect that data.

Avoid Privacy & Intellectual Property Breaches

Some data in Sports could be highly sensitive to the individual (an employee’s or club member’s disability information for example). Other data could be crucial to the club or business (for example information relating to the exploitation of a players’ image, or a sportsperson’s biometric or health information tracking their physical performance).

Level 2 Certification is for Management and Senior Staff

  • Typically work at a Senior Sports Level (High Performance, Business Executive, Senior Marketing)
  • Works closely with team leaders to provide strategic insights
  • Responsible for governance, audit, risk and best practice with a Sports organization
  • Responsible for Intellectual Property
  • Gathers player data conducts experiments

Risks and Compliance

The risks of failing to properly govern such data isn’t just about the impact on individuals either, there are significant commercial risks. Data Protection Regulation set a very high level of regulatory fines for failures to comply, and organisations can suffer damage to a customer base and reputation if associated with a high-profile data breach within Sports across:

Experienced Candidates

  • Leagues and Federations
  • Teams and Clubs
  • Associations & NSOs
  • Athletes & Coaches
  • Stadiums and Venues
  • Media and Broadcast
  • Vendors & Suppliers

Key 5-Competencies Chart for Level 2


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