Become globally recognized for Sports Analytics and work at the top sports organisations. Earning the Level 2 CSA demonstrates a deep and thorough understanding of real-world applications of sports data and sports analytics.  This program commences in 2019.

Level 2 (CSA) is for Professionals Who:

  • Typically work at a Senior Sports Science and Sports Performance level
  • Works closely with team leaders to provide Sports Analytics insights
  • Gathers player data conducts experiments
  • Ensures projects progress according to Sports Analytics best practice
  • Understand and interpret essential Sports Analytics tools

Sports Analytics 5-Competencies Chart

Sports PerformanceAdvanced
Data, Analytics and StatisticsAdvanced
GPS and Real-time DataAdvanced
Tools and TechnologiesExpert

Add The Chartered Sports Analyst (CSA designation to Your CV and Resume.

Level 3 exams commences in 2019.